Home for the holidays (Christmas Day '08)

All of us spent Christmas Day together at Mom/Memom's house and had a good time! Grammy, Mom/Memom, Brandi, Michael, Angelia & the triplets, Dana, Rob, Savanna, Courtney, Kelly, & Moose ... all together one Christmas Day -- it was nice. The house was definitely buzzing with the sounds of 6 excited little ones... and of course, all of the adults. Grammy was loving spending time with the kids... playing with them & cuddling with them ... Micaela had a tea party with her, Juliana put "lipstick" on her, she rocked & cuddled the little ones ... they love it-- and so does she! :)

At one point during the night, Memom heard a knock at the door and when she & the kids answered the door, they found that "someone" left a baby (doll) in a stroller on her front porch! I wonder who?!? **Quite a coincidence-- this happened to my sisters and I one Christmas Eve when we were kids... I'll never forget it! So-- Memom now has a new doll baby and stroller at her house ... the girls love playing babies! :)

So-- we had a great Christmas and we hope you & your family had the same! **Merry Christmas to all and to all... a good night!** :)

p.s. To the rest of our family in AZ (Mom/Nanny, Dad/Pop, Toni, Tom, kids, Mark, & Stephen) -- we wish we could have been all together this holiday, as well. We hope you all had a great Christmas and we hope to see you all soon! We love you & miss you! Sending our love from back East! :)


Patti said...

It's really nice seeing your photos and hearing about your family! Aunt Shirley looks good!

Annie said...

Oh my, I LOVE the first pic!

Glen & Shilo said...

Loved catching up on all the pictures and changes to your blog Brandi! Happy post New Year's, we love you guys :).