Ringing in 2009 (New Years Eve '08)

Wow-- goodbye to yet another year ... how the years seem to fly by!
This New Years Eve was a quiet, but fun one! After I got home from work, Angelia & Michael headed over to Dana & Rob's for a party and I stayed home with the little ones since it was too cold & windy to take them out, especially since they were sick! I didn't think it was wise to keep the little ones up 'til midnight, so we partied early. Aunt Sharon came over and the 5 of us had a little party ... hats, horns, chips, dip ... the kids had a good time!
Goodbye to 2008 and hello 2009! Let's hope it's a good one! Wishing all of you lots of love, luck, happiness, and good health this year! **Happy New Year!**

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Annie said...

Happy New Year, Zerilli family! :) May all your dreams/wishes come true this year!