Christmas morning... here they come! (12/25/08)

As expected, our house was FILLED with excitement on Christmas morning! The kids waited upstairs until Mommy checked to make sure Santa came and got breakfast cooking. Just before they came down, Juliana asked, "Mommy, did Santa come?" lol... I have been telling them for weeks now that Santa is supposed to come, but if they didn't behave, they could go on his Naughty list & he may not bring them presents, so-- I took it as she was checking to make sure he came considering their behavior as we battle through the Terrible 2's! :)

Once I gave the OK and the gate at the top of the steps was opened, down they came filled with excitement! Anthony spotted his firetruck and got attached to it right away... IF that was all Santa would have brought him, he would have been content -- he's so easy to please! :) Micaela was so happy with her new baby doll and stroller and the new pots, pans & plates for the play kitchen... she even went off to whip up something for each of us for breakfast with her new stuff! :) Juliana loved her new baby & stroller, but was also thrilled with the dog & dog things she got. And finally-- Angelia... she loved her Hannah Montana doll and stroller, especially. She didn't get a baby doll stroller-- she got an actual full-size umbrella stroller... now they can push each other around and not break the stroller... they have been pushing each other around in the doll stroller and as you can imagine, they are now practically ruined!

After all of the gifts were opened, as expected, they were all busty checking out & playing with their new toys. Micaela chose to "dress up" and it was hysterical! With Aunt Sharon's help, she put the pink "dress-up" dress over her red Christmas jammies and then put on the bike helmet, knee pads, elbow guards, and white sneakers that Aunt Sharon just got her-- it was too funny to see her in action! lol... She loves dress-up!

So-- they were all very happy and overwhelmed with all of their stuff. In the last picture, you will see the "aftermath" of Christmas morning at the Zerilli household. :) Hope Santa was good to all of you, as well! :) Merry Christmas!

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Annie said...

Awww, Brandi, they all look so excited about all their presents!

LOVE the pic of Mike "holding down the fort" upstairs!!!! :)