BIG beds! (12/5-12/7/08)

First-- good-bye cribs, now good-bye toddler beds!! OMG-- my babies are growing up too fast! This weekend, the triplets got "real" big girl and big boy beds and they were thrilled! From the time we brought the beds through the door, they were ecstatic! The girls couldn't wait to get in their beds that night, especially since they had Ariel sheets on their beds... Anthony was at a sleepover at Aunt Dana's all weekend, so he got to sleep in his bed at naptime on Sunday. They have all adjusted well to their new beds and are loving them. Anthony actually sleeps UNDER the covers, which is a HUGE adjustment for him. Since he was a baby, he NEVER liked or slept with blankets or covers and now, in this new bed, he's fine. I think he just thinks "it's the thing to do" now that he has a real bed??!! who knows? Yet another little milestone in the lives of my babies...
p.s. don't they look so tiny in these huge beds??? wow-- they are getting too big, too fast!

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Annie said...

OMG-they DO look so tiny in their beds!!

I love how the girls take after their big sister LOVING The Little Mermaid!!!!