Winter Wonderland! (12/6/08)

Today, we had our 1st real snowfall of the 2008-2009 winter season around here. The kids were SO excited seeing the snow outside! The local park was having a Winter Wonderland event, so we bundled up & out into the cold night we went to check out the festivities. As soon as we got outside, the kids were EXCITED! Micaela was too cute... trying to catch the snowflakes on her tongue!
Once at the park, we met up with our cousin, Nicole, and our uncle, Bill, walked around -- taking in all of the Christmas lights, displays, & festivities. It was nice and not too time consuming considering it was cold and snowing outside!
Seeing how the kids reacted tonight, I bet they can't wait to get out into the snow this year and play! Should be exciting! Stay tuned for pics when that happens! :)

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Annie said...

Awwww, great pics! Truly was a "Winter Wonderland" with the snow, huh??? lol