False alarm! (12/3/08)

I thought we were going to have a MAJOR break-through today and Anthony would start going on the potty, but FALSE ALARM! Today, out of the clear blue, he said "Mommy-- I go potty" and went over to it & got into position and... nothing happened! I did congratulate him for trying and I even told him he could wear a pull-up and tell me when he has to go, but no luck! Oh well... back to diapers! They say "don't push them... they'll do it when they're ready" (especially when it comes to boys), so I haven't, but if the opportunity presents itself, I'll taking advantage of it! One day my boy will go on the potty.... he's obviously in no rush!
**update: both girls are doing really well! Besides wetting overnight, they are good to go during the day! yay! :)

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Annie said...

Yay on the progress!!! Good job for Anthony trying and great job to the girls for staying dry! That is a huge accomplishment!!!