Picture time! (8/27/08)

With our "big girl" turning 4, the triplets turning 2.5, and coordinating outfits hanging in the closet, off we went to get the kids' pictures taken! :) If you have kids, you know that the 2-3 yr. old age range and professional photo taking doesn't mesh well and... as expected, we strated off with tears and ended with smiles! :) With a look of fear on their faces and tears in their eyes, Micaela and Juliana started up as soon as we entered the photo taking area, but by the time the actual photo shoot began, they were smiling-- and we ended up with great pics! Our family pic was a result of Mommy & Daddy having to join in to sit with them, but we're glad we did... the family pic came out good-- and it's been a year since we had one! :) Time to update the family pic on the wall!
At the end, the kids were rewarded with a lollipop and a ride on the firetruck! Whatever works... :)

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Annie said...

Oh my-BEAUTIFUL pictures! I LOVE the smile on Angelia's face in that one picture-PRICELESS!!!! the family pic came out great-

I always consider it a good photo session if at least everyone is looking towards the camera! :)