Gone fishin' (8/29/08)

For the longest time, Angelia has wanted to go fishing. Since Michael and I are not "skilled" in this activity, this "adventure" was assigned to Aunt Sharon. For Angelia's birthday, Aunt Sharon bought her a BARBIE fishing pole-- it's so cute! So, we decided to go to Mercer County Park today for a picnic lunch, a little fishing, and to play on the equipment. Aunt Sharon got everything set up and showed the kids what to do. They each took a turn holding the pole -- and fought over it, of course! When Juliana took the pole, she looked like a "natural" -- she would tug on the line, reeled it in, etc -- mind you, this was her 1st time. Anthony felt that it was a "must" that he lift the pole up and pull the line back in-- he didn't "get" that he had to leave it in the water. And then Angelia stepped up to the plate and..... after a few minutes, she caught her 1st fish!!! :) It happened so quick... thank goodness Aunt Sharon was keeping an eye on the bobber! She reeled it in and then showed the fish to the kids... Micaela was the only brave one to touch it. Angelia was happy she caught one... we were hoping to catch one that day and did! :) It was a good day... and another great "first"! :) Thanks Aunt Sharon!

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Annie said...

Awwww, so nice of Aunt Sharon to show the kids how to fish! I love the one pic of Anthony just staying in the background.......just taking it all in............too cute!