More party pics! (8/24/08)

Too many party pics, so had to share! Here's a quick run through of who's who & what's what:
Everyone in the pool! --- the kids had a blast ... the scene from the deck -- we took the party out back! ... Memom & her 6 little angels ... Memom & her "Julie-bug" ... Doris & Linda -- our neighbors -- Angelia loves spending time with them ... Michael & his family-- Steve (brother), Mom, Aunt Barbara & Uncle Bill ... Brandi & friend, Ann -- our kids brought us together -- 2 Moms, 10 kids-- you do the math! ... "Aunt" Stacey ... "Aunt" Sandy ... Anthony chilling out after the party.
**It was a great day!**


Annie said...

We had a great time celebrating Angelia's big day! :) Happy Birthday, big girl! :)

Glen & Shilo said...

Happy 4th Birthday Angelia!! Looks like you had a blast at your birthday party with mommy and family. Sending you a big hug from California :).

Love you all~