Happy 4th Birthday, Angelia! (8/31/08)

It's the "big day"... Angelia is officially 4 years old!! :) We wanted to leave "her day" up to her... what she wanted to do. So-- we started the day off with playing with balloons, then Mommy made a birthday pancake breakfast, then Angelia opened her gifts from Mommy, Daddy, & the triplets, then to Memom's to go in the pool, then out to dinner, and then back home for more cake! The day was going great and then when we arrived home after dinner, Angelia said in a saddened voice from the backseat-- "there's no one here for my birthday" and that comment made my heart break. I then had to explain to her that she had her big b-day party the week earlier & everyone was here then to celebrate and today was her actual birthday so we had to celebrate again and how lucky she was to get to celebrate her birthday on 2 days instead of just 1... and I think that appeased her. So-- Memom, Mommy, Daddy, and the triplets sang to her on her "official" birthday and we enjoyed the ice cream cake (that Mommy made!)!
Mommy and Daddy got her a DORA vanity which she (well, all 4 of the kids) loved -- the hair dryer, etc. makes noise, you can style Dora's hair, etc. ... it's neat!
***Happy 4th Birthday, Baby Girl!*** We cannot believe you are 4 years old already... you are growing up too fast for Mommy & Daddy! Seems like you were just born and Mommy was holding you in my arms... ever so tiny and peaceful. Mommy & Daddy love you very, very much! Happy Birthday, Baby! :)

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Annie said...

Awww, you made me cry, Brandi! Happy Birthday Angelia!!!!

PS-You MADE an ice cream cake???!!!! Do tell, do tell................... :)