Vacation Bible School! (mid-August '08)

Angelia & Savanna took part in the week-long Vacation Bible School at HCLC. This year's theme for VBS was "The Power of God" and the girls had a BLAST! ... religious instruction was teamed up with Science in mind.
The first 3 pics are pics from the 1st day of VBS... the girls were all "prettied up" and ready to go, but as we were about to leave, the skies opened up and we had a bad downpour and hail! They kids were yelling, "Look... it's snowing!" -- they never saw hail before. But-- thankfully the storm passed quickly and we made it to day 1 of VBS.... just a little late.
The last pic is the girls on their last day of VBS-- sporting their t-shirts they made in VBS that week. :) They did a good job!

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Annie said...

Awww, they are holding hands-sooo cute-lifelong friends! :) Poor Anthony, though-he's outnumbered!