A "Preview" week for Mom (mid-August '08)

All 6 cousins spent the entire week together this past week and loved it... and yes-- I survived, too! :) With Angelia and Savanna in VBS all week, I had all 6 of them all week. This was a "preview week" for me since I will have all 6 of them a few days a week during the school year with Angelia & Savanna attending PreK together this Fall. Anyway-- throughout the week, the kids kept very busy... inside, outside, etc. and here are some pics of them all together. :)
As most of us know, Micaela is very "in charge" and with that thought, "Little Miss" managed to find herself some "alone & quiet time" amongst the hustle & bustle of her siblings & cousins. :)
We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all! :)

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Annie said...

OMG-they take up the whole kitchen table!!! Too cute!!!! You are going to be one busy Mama and Aunt!!!! :)