Watch the Tram Car please! - Day 2 of vacation (7/10/08)

As expected, it was a summer night in July and the WW boardwalk was full of life! The kids enjoyed checking out all of the sights as we strolled along... never a dull moment there! They went on a few rides, played a fishing game (which they all did great at!), and had some treats. On our way past the aquarium on the boardwalk, Memom took Juliana over to a guy with a big snake around his neck and my "fearless" little girl touched it! Yuck... but, that's my little girl! :)
It was a fun night!
p.s. Prior to getting to the boardwalk, Micaela and Anthony managed to pass out in the car... that was quick considering it was only about a 10 min. ride from the place we had dinner to the Boardwalk... too much excitement and lack of sleep, I guess??

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Annie said...

Poor kids-all tuckered out! :)

I'm amazed how all the kiddos were on the ride impressive how big they are getting!!!!

And I agree-YUCK on the snake! :) Cool for Juliana, though.......