Cape May Zoo - Day 3 of vacation (7/11/08)

On our way home from Wildwood, we stopped off at the Cape May Zoo. The kids enjoyed seeing all of the animals... especially Juliana-- my animal lover! We got to see a variety of animals ... from goats to pigs to giraffes to reptiles to lions ... it was cool and the kids loved seeing all of the different animals! This was the tyriplets' 1st time visiting a zoo. It is a nice little zoo... and it's FREE to get in! If you've never been and are down in that area, stop in and check it out.

That stop marked the end of our vacation. It was a fun 3 days. even though it was a vacation, not rest or relaxation for Memom and I, but we had a lot of fun, the kids were good, and we all enjoyed ourselves & the time together. **Thanks Memom-- we love you!

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Annie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! So cool to see the kiddos sooooo "into" seeing all the animals! What a great vacation! :)

Now if only Mommy and Daddy could get away for a mini one........ :)