A day at the beach - Day 2 of vacation (7/10/08)

It's Day 2 and we hit the beach for a day of sun, water, sand, & fun! It was such a beautiful day down the shore that day! :) We were lucky! The kids had a ball playing & digging in the sand, trying to make sand castles, running from the water washing ashore, jumping in the ocean water (a.k.a. "puddle" -- as the kids were calling it) evetually-- they all took some time to warm up to the ocean, finding sea shells, etc. Juliana continued to chase after the seagulls, Micaela spent most of her time digging in the sand, Angelia kept busy with a variety of things, and Anthony loved watching the planes fly overhead with their banners trailing behind.
None of us went swimming in the ocean because the kids were not comfortable and it was on the chilly side, but it felt good to dip our feet and stuff. Memom & I made many trips down to the water to get the kids water for their sand castles. We enjoyed watching the surfers riding the waves in front of us and the other small kids playing on the beach. We were fortunate to see a dolphin swimming by out in the ocean in front of us-- that was neat!
After a few hours out on the beach, we went back to the hotel and spent some time at the pool. It was a nice day!

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Annie said...

Wow-I am so impressed-they weren't running in opposite directions??? There is hope for me???? :) LOVE the pics.................soooo cute!