To the Beach! (6/30/08)

Something different for a Monday afternoon... we went "to the beach" (as the kids call it)! :)
I packed up the kids, picked up Grammy & Aunt Doris along the way, and "to the beach" (Seaside) we went... and had a nice time! :) It was a beautiful day "down the shore" today... sunny with a cool breeze. Grammy made sure the kids each had a hat... to shade them from the sun. :) We walked along the Boardwalk and I took the kids on to the beach to walk in the sand. This was the 1st time we did that this year and all of the kids liked the sand... surprisingly! :) They all kept their distance from the water, though. Angelia didn't want to come off of the sand, but I promised her we'd go back again soon.
It was a nice day. :)

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Annie said...

Priceless pics! Looks like a fun time!