The start of INDEPENDENCE... (7/4/08)

... from DIAPERS! Memom stopped by and brought the triplets each a pack of new underwear-- yes, Memom is trying to get them excited about going on the potty! Well, they were so very excited about their new panties/underwear... both girls ripped their diapers off and the panties went on! Anthony was content with putting his SpongeBob Square Pant "big boy underwear" over his diaper. Juliana had a few successful attempts with using the potty... we think it was the gummyworm "prize" that she knew she would get if she went potty was the big motivator. We think she squeezed every last drop out of her to get a gummyworm -- she peed 5x in 1.5 hours!!! lol... We kept the panties on 'til nap time (which ended up being about 2 hours) and in the end, Micaela had a small accident ("panties wet, Mommy!") and Juliana was good. :)

Well, that's just a "start" to potty training. Hoping to start consistently daily with them in the next month. Juliana definitely seems to be ready, Micaela not far behind, and as for Anthony, he'll go at his own pace-- as always! :) We'll ALL get there eventually! :)

**p.s. Happy 4th of July to all of you!**

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