Saturday night down the shore (7/19/08)

We finally made it down to Pt. Pleasant (boardwalk) this summer! It was such a beautiful night down there... a nice change from the very warm afternoon earlier that day. I couldn't help but to stop and take a pic of the moon shining down on the ocean, so I thought I'd share... too pretty, huh?!
The kids rode on a few rides while we were there... Memon took Jules & Angelia on the carousel and Aunt Sharon took the kids on the choo choo train. Looking at the pic of Micaela watching the train go by, you'd think that train was SPEEDING by, huh??? lol... cool pic, I thought. Angelia loved the helicopters... she did pretty good "driving" it and even got it off of the ground. The triplets were not liking it too much, though, because they couldn't go on (too short)! The cried louder everytime Angelia "flew by"... poor things-- maybe next year!
A nice, relaxing, and fun Saturday night.... :)

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Annie said...

Ohhh, I'm jealous! Looks like a fun (and pretty!) night down the shore! :)