Our 1st "movie night" (7/18/08)

I saw this happen on "Jon and Kate plus 8", so I thought we'd try it... we had movie night! I mentioned the idea and the kids were thrilled! I got them bathed and to the couch they flocked anxiously awaiting their bowl of popcorn that I said I'd make for the movie and anticipating watching THE LITTLE MERMAID. :) This was the 1st DISNEY movie the triplets would see.
Once we got the movie on, the triplets lasted about 25 min. before they started to randomly scatter... not too bad, ay? Angelia, on the other hand, stayed and watched the entire movie and loved it. :)
Overall, it was a nice relaxing night at home... I especially enjoyed the "family time" all together. :) We'll be sure to do it again. For the kids, I think they especially loved the popcorn... lol. :) Whatever makes them HAPPY, right?!

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Annie said...

Love how the girls gravitate together and Anthony is hanging with Dad!

Little Mermaid must have been in the air................we watched it this morning! :)