A new addition to the family! (7/15/08)

Today (July 15, 2008), MICAH WILLIAM THOMPSON was born ... isn't he adorable!? :) Micah is the son of Glen (Mike's cousin -- yes, that's him in the pic) and Shilo. Hopefully we'll get the chance to meet the little guy soon... when Glen and Shilo come back East for a visit. For now, we'll watch him grow via their blog-- see blogs are wonderful for that! :)
Congrats again, Glen & Shilo ... enjoy your 1st Grandchild, Uncle Billy & Aunt Barbara ... AND-- welcome to the World, Micah! :)


Annie said...

Soooo handsome! Congratulations!

Glen & Shilo said...

Hi Brandi!

Glen and I are were catching up on your blog and noticed what you wrote about baby Micah :). We will try to post more pictures soon, been a little behind with the adjustment. Bill & Barbara left this morning, sad! It was good to see all the updates with the kids.

Sending our love,