Look closely... (5/12/08)

... and you will see, my daughter standing on the window sill BEHIND the blinds! Yes-- only in our household!
It was a normal Monday morning and the triplets were all in the playroom (usually a safe haven for my kids) while I cleaned up. Out of the blue, I heard Micaela let out a panic-stricken cry, so I went to see what was going on. I looked around and no Micaela!!!!! As panic set in and I continued to look for her (I heard her, but couldn't see her), I saw a shadow through the blind. As I approached the window, I found Micaela standing on the window still behind the blind gripping onto the window. I can just imagine what passerbys on the street thoguht if they caught a glimpse of her in the window-- "animal house" for sure!! Like I said, only in our household! :)
As my friend Jessica would say, yet another "Mother of the Year" moment! :)

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Annie said...

OMG-that is next???!!!