Happy Mother's Day! (5/11/08)

I had a nice Mother's Day! :) As expected, I spent the day with my kids and Michael. My sisters, nieces, the guys, and Grammy did gather at my mom's for dinner and there we had a great time together (thanks Mom!). We had a nice dinner, hung out, went for a walk... it was nice.
**Happy Mother's Day to all of my dear family & friends who are Mommies, Grandmoms, Godmothers, and mommies-to-be!** You are all very special women! Hope you all enjoyed your special day! :)
p.s. As you can see, I REALLY tried to capture a nice pic of my kids and I for Mother's Day, but as you can see, it's VERY difficult to coordinate 4 toddlers to take a picture! :) Oh well.... such is life! :)

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Annie said...

Awww, what a special day, Brandi! Happy Momma's Day!