"Gammy" (3/29/08)

The kids love Grammy (or as the triplets call her--> "Gammy")... their Great-Grammy, that is! :) They have so much fun with her... from cuddling with them to running after tham, she does well with keeping up with them. As Sharon would say... "Grammy is spunky" and that she is! Even at the end of the day when she is "pooped" (as she would say) from spending a few hours with my kids, she continues to have a smile on her face and says, "They are so cute! I get such a kick out of them!" :) I love it... they love it... she loves it! :)
I am very lucky that my "Grammy" is still here with us and is enjoying life with my kids, as she did with my sisters and I while we were little and growing up. She helps us out a lot and comes to watch them randomly with my Great Aunt Doris, which we appreciate so much! I hope that I am able to enjoy my grandchildren and great-grandchildren as much as my Grandmother has and still does. :) I love you, Gram ... or as the triplets would say, "I ov you Gammy!" :)
p.s. My "Grammy" had a reality check just last week during one of our phone conversations where I remibded her that she will soon have a 30 year old grandchild-- yes, that's me! :) She couldn't believe it... already!!!

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Annie said...

awww, how sweet! I think I love "Gammy" too just from reading your post! :)

OMG-uncanny resemblence Gammy has to your mom! Twins! :)