While Mommy was sleeping... (4/6/08)

Will she follow in her mother's footsteps and become a Manicurist or simply love getting her fingernails & toenails done??? Whatever she decides... my darling daughter decided to paint her nails while I was sleeping this morning! Before I could even open my eyes and get out of bed, Angelia was up & very busy... painting her nails! She found polish and decided to go to town. Even though it looks like "you know" and she did this unsupervised (yes-- I did tell her never to do this again without Mommy helping or knowing), I was sure to compliment her "skills" and was so very happy not to find it all over anything else (carpet, bed, etc)! :)

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Annie said...

She really did do a good job! I see a future manicurist in the Zerilli home!