NICU Reunion at Sesame Place (3/30/08)

More Sesame Street!?!!
Capital Health System @ Mercer hosted a NICU Reunion at Sesame Place this weekend! It was really nice & fun! We started off with watching an ELMO's WORLD show. In the show, Angelia got picked to be a "fishie" helper for Elmo along with a few other kids. She did well & looked cute! After the show, we all went to the dining hall where the kids (and parents) got to enjoy some goodies and could meet and greet Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert, & Ernie. Angelia & Juliana were thrilled about meeting the characters, Anthony enjoyed seeing them, but wouldn't get too closes, and finally Micaela-- she freaked and/or got updet when one of the characters came near her.
Obviously, being a NICU reunion, there were tons of children there. It's so great to see so many happy, healthy children running around & enjoying themselves. So many of them were born prematurely, have overcome so much at such a young age, etc., and here they are... it's so wonderful what the NICU & March of Dimes can do!
**Thank you to CHS, MOD, and Sesame Place! It was a geat day & great event! :)

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