How do you like your eggs? (3/21/08)

'Tis the season... time for dying Easter eggs! More fun on Good Friday to be had! After our visit from the Easter Bunny & egg hunt, we had dinner & then dyed eggs! This year, Anthony, Juliana, Micaela, & Courtney (my niece) got to join in on the fun! Angelia & Savanna (and Aunt Dana) were busy making "masterpieces" and the little ones were busy mixing their egg around in the bowl of egg dye. Juliana literally "got into it" and tasted the egg dye. YUP!-- I looked over at her and she was sipping the egg dye from the plastic spoon as if she was eating soup from a bowl! YUM! Check out her mouth-- see the green around it?? :) Thank goodness this stuff is non-toxic these days! As my friend Jess would say... "Another 'Mother of the Year' moment!" :)

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Annie said...

So funny about drinking the dye!!! Priceless! :)