Look who came hopping down OUR bunny trail! (3/21/08)

Look who came hopping down OUR "bunny trail" once again this year... the Easter Bunny! It was really cute this year because all of the kids knew who the Easter Bunny was, could call his name ("Bunny!"), and knew what the Easter Bunny brings ("candy!")! :) They were all SO excited, but full of mixed emotions, as well! Angelia & Juliana were the only two not afraid of the bunny, Savanna & Courtney smiled at the Bunny, but were hesitant in the Bunny's presence, and Anthony & Micaela kept their distance and started to cry when they got close to the Bunny. Anthony stood at a distance and would randomly yell, "Bunny! Bunny!" :) You never know what kind of reaction you will get! But-- the kids had a great time with the egg hunt & were curious to see what was in their eggs. It was really cute!
p.s. Thank you once again, Easter Bunny! ;) We love you!

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Annie said...

OMG-sooo cute!!! LOVE Anthony's pic! Priceless!