The Bunny was here... again! (3/23/08)

The Easter Bunny hopped down the "Zerilli bunny trail" yet again... this time for Easter morning! Even though the kids didn't get to see him this time around, he did leave a basket of goodies for each of the kids. On Easter monring when they woke up, I told them it looked like the Bunny came again and brought them some more goodies! When I asked the kids what they thought the Bunny brought them, Micaela spoke up loudly and said, "Candy!" :) They are at the age where they are just starting to realize....
Anyway-- The bunny hid their baskets in random places around the house. Angelia helped the little ones find their baskets -- what a good big sister! As usual, Angelia's was the hardest to find & the last to be found, even though when she did finally find it, she commented, "That Easter Bunny isn't a very good hider" ... lol.
The kids were sure to inspect their baskets immediately. Anthony unwrapped the foil-covered bunny he had in his basket and started eating it. After the 1st bite, I took it away from him, wrapped it back up in the foil, & told him he had to eat breakfast first. He was a little "ticked" (to say the least) and when I put the foil-covered Bunny back in his basket, he picked it up again and took another big bite out of it-- foil & all! What a face he made when he bit down on the foil! YIKES!
After the basket bonanza, we got enjoy a special Easter breakfast prepared by Memom! YUM!

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Annie said...

The Zerilli kids must have been very good for the Easter Bunny to bring so many good treats!