Angelia's vacation plans (1/15/08)

When you think about "vacation plans", most of us think about going down the Shore, to Disney, on a cruise, etc. Well, Angelia suggested an idea of her own this morning. She asked if we "could go to the the desert in Bet-D-hem to see Baby Jesus and the Wise Men...?" Again, this was a totally random thought she came out with while having breakfast this morning. She later made a comment that she "wants to show Mary the t-shirt I made her"... it's a BIG SISTER OF TRIPLETS t-shirt I made for her for WalkAmerica last year that she was wearing this morning. I played along and told her yes and we even called Daddy at work to make him aware of Angelia's proposed travel plans. She is very excited to go and wants to know if we can go today after Preschool. Hopefully when she asks if we are going and I explain to her that that we can't, she won't be too let down. :(
With comments like this, I can tell that she is definitely paying attention at Preschool. :)

UPDATE: Before leaving for Preschool today, Angelia asked if we were going to the desert today to see Baby Jesus and the camels... So-- I told her No because... Bethlehem is very far away, how Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem a very long time ago, etc. and told her that Jesus is always with/around us and this is why we pray... we can talk to him, we can do this by praying, etc. So-- she seemed OK with that answer. We'll see what happens from here......

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