The difference between BOYS and GIRLS (1/2008)

The other night, Michael and I were doing our daily "tubby (bath) time" duty with the kids. That night, I was in charge of bathing and Michael was drying & dressing. While I was bathing Anthony, Angelia had come into the bathroom to check out the scene. For those of you that know Angelia, she can be inquisitive and tends to ask a lot of questions. Well, she must have been feeling inquistive at that moment and asked, "Mommy, why does Anthony have a bigger 'pee pee heinie' than the girls?" I don't know why she combined the "name" she used, but she usually refers to them seperately?? Anyway, being taken totally off guard by this question, I responded with, "Ummmm... boys have a different kind of pee pee than girls" and she responded with "Oh" without any further question or comment. From her response, I guess she was satisified with that answer. I think I handled that pretty well... considering it was my 1st time having to explain the "difference" to my child and I was responding to a 3 year old!?!?
My poor son... the only "man" in this house besides his Daddy. I think we're in for quite an experience here! YIKES!

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