Ook Mommy! No! (1/15/08)

Translation: "Look Mommy! Snow!" :)
Today, while driving home from dropping Angelia off at Preschool, Micaela hollered to me from the 3rd row-- "Ook Mommy... No!" All 3 of them were fascinated by the snow falling. When we got home, I had them each put their hand out to catch a few flakes... smiles on their faces, of course! Later, they noticed the snow again from the kitchen and were glued to door fascinated by the scene of the falling snow. The were very excited! It was cute! :)
Angelia was a little disappointed earlier in the week because they predicted snow and we got rain instead... she was looking forward to making a snowman. Even though this snow event didn't produce enough snow to make a snowman, at least Angelia got to spend a few minutes outside in it after Preschool. She kept trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue! :)~

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Annie said...

Awww, how sweet!!! Amazing to watch the little ones discover the world around them!