BABY! (1/25/08)

BABY was a very popular word in our house the other day. No... we're not having another baby... my friend, Jen, and her sons came to visit. My kids were so excited at the sight of Jen's infant son, Joey. Angelia took the motherly role... making sure she could see "Baby Joey" (as she calls him) or go and check on him. Juliana, especially, couldn't get enough of him... she's the baby and baby doll lover! :) She kept trying to talk to him, kept checking out his little feet, kept smiling at him, etc... it was cute! Since this was the 1st infant I have held in front of them, I was anxious to see how the kids would react when I held Joey and surprisingly, they were all really good about it... no jealousy... they all stood around me and when I fed him, they wanted to all help to hold the "ba, ba" and were proud when they got the chance.
The "big brother" (Ryan) and "big sister" (Angelia) had a good time playing together. It was a nice time for all! :)

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Annie said...

Awww, how sweet to see them all hovering around Baby Joey!!!
Looks like Angelia was having a blast with her friend!