"I love you" (1/21/08)

As always, I try to get the triplets to say certain things... they are repeating and saying so much these days. Well-- tonight, I said I love you to Juliana and then kept it up and motioning to her. Finally, I had her repeat after me, "I .... love ... you" and she repeated it a few times with a huge smile on her face! OMG, my heart was melting! This is a first for her... now I have to get the other 2 to say it! :) I love you, Juliebug!
p.s. this is a recent pic of her... thought it fit this post! :)


Annie said...

Oh, how sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say that to my kiddos, too, a TON but they just give me that blank stare! :)

Kelly said...

awww, Ava finally repeated me the other day too for the 1st time. "Love you," I said. "yaa yooo," she said real softly. so sweet.