Where I found them this time... (1/25/08)

Look where I found these two this time??? Yes-- in their dresser drawer... sleeping!
The other day when I went to get the triplets up from nap, as I slowly opened the girls' bedroom door, I first saw one of their mattresses overturned, then I saw a pile of clothes & tissues on the floor, and then... an open dresser drawer with 2 little 23 mos. olds in it... yes-- Juliana and Micaela-- partners in crime! I guess they have figured out how to get into their dresser drawers via the locking eye-hooks and somehow-- they got up into the 3rd drawer up of their dresser! Thank goodness their furniture is fastened to the wall, huh?!? What am I going to do with these two????


Annie said...

OMG! That is sooo scary but so funny at the same time! :) They sure learn quickly, huh?

Kelly said...

omg! that is too funny and cute! I think the tissues all over is the best part! Ava does that all the time so quietly so I never catch her until it's too late! Those are smart lil cookies of yours.