We've got a runner! (11/20/07)

Last night, I THOUGHT I heard the pitter-patter of little feet upstairs, so I went upstairs to investigate. I peeked in to Micaela & Juliana's bedroom throw the small opening in the door, I found Micaela's crib EMPTY! As soon as I opened the door, I was greeted with "Hi Mommy!" ... Micaela was on the loose, and happy as could be (mind you, it was like 10:30 pm!)! I yelled downstairs to Michael, "We have a runner!" Oh-no... let the games begin!!!

About a month and a half ago, we had the same incident, but that time, Juliana was "the runner". In fear that she or Micaela would attempt it again, we bought special "straps" to keep the furniture tied/bolted to the wall... we didn't want them getting out, possibly "scaling" the furniture, and it falling over on them-- YIKES! So, at least that is taken care of, they have a gate at their door, and we have a gate at the top of the stairs. Yes-- we are baby-proofing 1 gate at a time... lol! Whatever works! :)

So-- now, we have to keep a close ear on the monitor for this new-found activity! I think their too little for beds, but we'll have to see if this trend continues. If so, beds may be the way to go... less of a chance of them getting hurt... better to fall out of bed than fall out of the crib! Never a dull moment... :)


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! Every time I hear a thud coming from the crib when Ava is napping I always freak out that maybe she somehow managed to climb out! But your little ones already are!! I definitely CAN wait for the day Ava decides to jump ship!!

Annie said...

omg! how scary! (but funny, too!) they are keeping Mama on her toes!