Christmas pics... "take 2"! (11/19/07)

It's that time of year, again... time to take the kids for Christmas pics... always a JOY!! lol...
TAKE 1--> On Wednesday night, Michael and I took the kids to get thier pics taken. We took them at night thinking they are usually in a good mood... after having a 3 hr. nap & eating. Well, Wednesday night was a total DISASTER!! No sooner did we get the kids seated, Anthony popped up and didn't want to let go of me. We were able to coerce him to go back and sit and soon after, Juliana started to cry. Her bout of crying, though, turned into a FULL BLOWN "fit"-- she FREAKED out!!! She was crying, throwing herself, and was literally "foaming at the mouth"-- I'm serious! So, needless to say, after about 30-40 min., we had to pack it up, leave with no pictures, made a follow-up appt. made to try again.

TAKE 2--> So, this morning (11/19), back we went for round 2. Recalling the "incident" from the other night, the manager took matter into his own hands. He started off by talking to Juliana and then playing with her-- getting her used to him & her surroundings. As a result, she ended up sitting with no problem and got a pic by herself. We then added the other 3 to the mix and we were successful and got a pic of all 4 of them-- 2 smiling, 1 serious, & 1 sucking her thumb-- but all looking straight! At this age, it's VERY difficult when it comes to this stuff and I wasn't expecting perfection, but at least a decent pic with them all looking. So--- we got it. Thank goodness!!! You'll see the "result" on the xmas card... stay tuned!!!

For now, though, I leave you with the pics of them all dressed up & ready to go-- in their xmas outfits!! :)

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Annie said...

The kids look adorable! I hate picture taking time! I always go there looking sooo nice, and then leave a mess-sweaty, stinky, and hair all knotty!!!!!!!!!!!