Jumping IN, OUT, & OVER! (11/21/07)

Oh what a day!! This morning, I woke up to find Micaela and Juliana in Juliana's crib TOGETHER! I wasn't too "thrilled" that Micaela got out of her crib (again), but it was cute to see them both together... caught red-handed w/ the innocent faces ... so I had to take pics! :)

Naptime was a whole other story! I put them up for their daily nap, only to have to go back in their room at least 6 times within the first 45 minutes (and a few other times over the course of the next few hours) to put one or both of them back in their crib(s), tell/yell "You need to stay in your cribs and take a nap!" or to put Juliana back in her room & her crib (yes, she scales the gate at her bedroom door!)! Needless to say, during their time of "jumping in, out, & over", they wrecked HAVOC on their bedroom! They pulled clothes out of their drawers, blankets out of the basket, stripped the sheets off of their mattress, you name it!!! In the few hours they were up there, Micaela slept for MAYBE 45 min. and Juliana not at all. Dealing with this ongoing ordeal, I got to the "I've had it!" stage and called Michael to bring home locks for their dresser drawers and told him we have to do something with these two & their sleeping set-up! So-- for now, we are still debating what to do-- is it time for beds, do we make their cribs into a daybed, do we buy crib tents....??? UGH! We want them to be safe, don't want them to get hurt, don't know if they are too young, what to do next??? such decisions!! We never had this happen with Angelia and hopefully it won't happen with Anthony. These 2 just started and I can't wait for the "jumping out" novelty to wear off!

Needless to say, "Mommy" couldn't wait to go out that night (as previously planned)... I needed it & surely earned it after this HORRENDOUS day! Oh the "joys"! :)

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