A day of many words (10/10/07)

For MANY, many months now, the triplets have been babbling and random words have come out in the midst of it all -- "mama/mommy", "dada/daddy", "E-a" (a.k.a. Angelia), "Memom", "Nanny", "Pop", "baby", "Court Court", etc. Of the 3 babies, though, we have found Micaela to be the most verbal.... she seems to have the "gift of gab"... I wonder where she gets that??? :) Well today, she started of the morning by grabbing the remote and saying, "E-a Bar-ney!" (a.k.a. "Angelia, Turn Barney on!")... it was cute to see her in action-- barking orders... she is VERY "in charge"! Later today, on our trip to the pediatrician's (to get shots-- oh joy!), everytime she saw the doctor, she would freak out, cry, shake, & run to me to save her, but everytime he walked away from her, she waived at him and said "bye, bye!" She wanted him out of sight and that was it! Then tonight, she caught on to the word "first" real quick when it was time for a bath (they all love "tubby time"!) and later, she said her brother's name ("Antny" a.k.a. Anthony) for the 1st time and continued to address him by his name... it was cute!

Anthony has been really starting to say more lately too... he always seems to follow the girls' lead with many things- he lets them go first and then he catches up. He's so laid back! Anyway-- his all-time favorite word for a few months now has been "yes!" and everytime he says it with a smile on his face. He recently picked up the word "mine" which fits because he has a tendency to hoard things from his sisters and tonight at "snack time" (more like a "feeding frenzy"!), he mastered the word "some" and would say it everytime he swallowed a mouthful of pudding and wanted more. I have been blessed with good eaters!! :)

As for Angelia, she never ceases to amaze us and lately, she's been picking up on a lot of conversations and conversational skills and repeats a string of words that she heard (in preschool or at home)... oh no, we better watch our mouths! The funniest thing she has said recently that Michael and I snicker at every time is when she says (usually to her dolls), "If I told you one, I've told you a hundred times..." -- lol. These kids are lick sponges!!! Big people trapped in little bodies.

All of them are doing really well! :) You never know when they'll come out with something new... more words keep coming out as the weeks pass. As Aunt Sharon always says, "Can't wait for the dinner table discussions when they all start really talking!" ... lol. :)

On a final note/update, I caught Miss Juliana trying to escape from her crib this morning, so Michael and I were on a mission today to rearrange & bolt all of the furniture to the wall (all for safety reasons). She has escaped from her crib 1x, but that was before it was dropped to it's lowest level. But now, it's on the lowest level, but she managed to get her leg and almost the other one to the top and go over. She's little, but very strong and determined! Never underestimate size... I have definitely learned that with my little "Julebug". :)

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Annie said...

Oh, how exciting! All the talking and even the escaping! :) You gotta love it..............sooo cute! Love reading the updates..........keep 'em coming.......