Lots of bells and whistles! (10/11/07)

Preschool set off a lot of bells and whisltes today (10/11/07)! To start the day, firemen came on a fire truck to Angelia's preschool to visit the kids. Angelia had been anxiously awaiting their arrival-- she talked about it many times in the days leading up to their visit. At the end of the school day, she came out of class very excited (babbling away about her day), with a fireman hat on her head, and had a handful of stuff... presents from the firemen and a ton a papers & projects. In that pile, was Angelia's 1st Observation Checklist (a.k.a. "report card") and "smile gram" (an acknowledgement of a good deed or job well done); they get 1 of each monthly. This month, she got a Smile Gram for helping 2 of her classmates do a particular game. As for her report card, she got a YES in almost all of the areas -- which was VERY good! :) Letter recognition was shown as the only "working on" area... so, something for us to work on. Seems like she's off to a good start at Preschool! :)

p.s. When I came to pick her up, I surprised her with a Princess umbrella she's been wanting-- she was thrilled! It was a "happy ending" to a great day at Preschool for her! :)

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Annie said...

Good job, Angelia!!!! What a great report card...........and a Smile Gram! How exciting for her...........good job once again, Mama! :)