My "Pumpkin Patch Kids" (10/5/07)

Is this what they call an "Indian Summer"?? Regardless what it is, the "scene" of our most recent outing was a little odd (to me, anyway!)... it's October, it was 80+ degrees outside, and my kids are wandering around a pumpkin patch in shorts and tank tops?? ODD, but it was fun and yet another "experience" with the kids. :)
Along with Aunt Sharon, we all went to the pumpkin patch at Snipes farm (10/5/07). It was the triplets' 1st time to pick pumpkins and they did pretty good. Anthony was more "into it" than the 2 girls. Angelia was already a pro... she's been pumpkin picking a few times before! :) They all wandered around the patch checking out the pumpkins, tripping (and falling) over the vines, trying to pick up random ones, and Juliana even decided to use one of the pumpkin to sit on and take a break (she's very resourceful, as you can see... lol). :) Anthony picked his pumpkin (it was the size of a softball) and made sure to carry it all the way back to the van and wouldn't part with it... it stayed in his carseat the entire ride home! We laugh... he has a tendency to hold onto things for awhile.
Overall, it was a good day. Yet another "first". :)

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Annie said...

I love pumpkin patch pictures! Sounds like they had a great time! It stinks it wasn't the true "fall" weather.................