We are 18 mos. old! (8/2007)

Our "little babies" are now 18 months old! I cannot believe it! As I have recently looked back on pics of them 1st born ... so little ... it amazes me at how fast time flies and things change! Size alone... they have gone from 5.15 lbs, 5.2 lbs, and 4.8 lbs. (at birth) to 23.11 lbs, 22.5 lbs. & 20.8 lbs (at 18 mos. old)!! AMAZING! All 4 of them are all very healthy and active... to say the least! They are all very busy... everyday always leaving "what's to come" to amaze Michael & I and everyone else. They are learning & doing new things all of the time and getting into anything and everywhere they can. We "baby-/toddler-proof" 1 baby gate at a time, we have found.

At this age.... they ALL say basic words, get very excited over things, Teletubbies & Barney are their favorite, they dance, love to play ball, they have the sibling love/hate thing going on already, they know what they want and when they want it, the love being outside, they eat with utensils, know what to do when (i.e. go to the gate when it's time to eat or go up to bed), etc. All 3 of them continue to be SO different from one another, though. Micaela is the "drama queen", loves to talk/babble, gives the best hugs, is the loudest, and is "the boss"-- she rules the roost! Juliana is very adventurous, silly, loves to climb, loves to carry a purse, is obsessed with taking her clothes & diaper off -- she is our "girly-girl" and "athlete" all wrapped up in 1. Anthony (my "little guy") is our lovebug, so laid back, happy & easy going (he reminds me a lot of my grandfather & nephew), gets very excited over things, likes to play ball & with his cars, doesn't let much bother him (but when it does-- watch out!), gets mesmerized by TV, and loves his nap time. We love watching them together... especially when they play so nice together or give each other hugs and kisses... it's wonderful!
**I cannot believe they will be 2 in just 6 short months!!**

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