It's POTTY time! (8/2007)

Yes... it's finally happened... Angelia is now potty trained!!! :) It's happened and it happened FAST! Stressing over the thought that Angelia may not be able to go to 3 yr. old preschool because she wasn't potty trained, we took the advice of the preschool director, "just did it", and in 1 day, she was potty trained (I'm serious)! Some people say "something just clicks" when it comes to potty training and this case, something did click! We were so surprised at how quick this happened and so happy it finally has! Everyone has made such a big deal out of Angelia being a "big girl" now... she's very proud to be a "big girl" for sure now! :)

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steve said...

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we are proud of you angelia