I am 3! (8/31/2007)

My "baby girl" is 3 years old ALREADY! Where have the last 3 years gone??

August 31st was the big day... Angelia turned 3 years old! She was very excited for her birthday this year... she knew what she wanted, the day & date of her birthday, how old she was & would be, etc! It's amazing how smart they are at this age! Anyway-- we wished her Happy Birthday as soon as she woke up the morning of her b-day and as she went in to say good morning to the triplets, she was telling them, "Anthony... it's my b-day!" "Juliana & Micaela, it's my b-day!"... they smiled, laughed, & clapped in the midst of her excitement ... it was very cute! :) On her birthday, I took her out to lunch at Friendly's, then we got her pics taken, then we had a pizza party & cake at night, and the next day, she had a "Princess (b-day) Party" with family & friends to celebrate. So-- she had a lot of fun during the 2-day celebration of her 3rd birthday!

Now that she's 3, lots for her to do and look forward to! She's so happy and excited to be a "big girl"! :)

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