A "shore" thing (Summer '07)

It's a JERSEY shore thing! :) We made many trips to "the Shore" this summer with family & friends.. to walk on the boardwalk, etc. We didn't do any "days at the beach" because the triplets are still too little, but they did get to go on the beach for the 1st time (at Pt. Pleasant). All 3 of them were pretty good with it... they were trying to figure out what this "stuff" was on their feet, amazed by the ocean, picking up their little legs to muddle through the sand, etc. Angelia went on the beach for the 1st time in the summer of '06 and she freaked out -- she didn't like the feeling of the sand on her feet & feared the water. This year, though, she went out onto the sand and loved it... loved it so much, she threw a fit everytime we told her we had to leave. She especially loves collecting shells... she picks up any little piece of shell she can find and says, "Ook Mommy, a shell!" with pure excitement. It was cute to see all of them out there. :)
p.s. Also, while at Pt. Pleasant, the triplets took their ride on the choo choo train there-- all 3 of them loved it. They were either WOWed in amazmement or sucking their thumb... as always, quite a sight!

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