Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

We had a great Thanksgiving!

We started off the morning over at my Alma Mater -- Hamilton West -- to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day game! Wow-- this brought back a LOT of great memories for me.... this annual game, my cheerleading days, the school spirit, being that "young", etc -- it was great! The best, though, was being able to share this experience with my kids-- and my younger cousin (Nicole). One day -- sooner than I know -- I will be here watching & supporting my kids as they do their thing in high school... amazing!

Anyway-- we watched some of the game and then roamed the halls of the school a bit-- checking out how things still are and seeing how a few things have changed... and sharing memories of my days there with the kids. That was cool! I loved high school... they were great years for me.

We had dinner at our house this year and it went well. I love having the family together. My cousin, Nicole, joined us, which was an added bonus this year. The kids loved hanging out with her, especially. That's what it's all about... FAMILY!

Hope that all of you had a great Thanksgiving and have a LOT to be thankful for this day and everyday! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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