Micaela's "Bieber Bike" (11/19/2011)

Did you have a SCHWINN bike when you were a kid? You remember the banana seat, high handlebars, etc ... I had one... bright pink-- I still have it, actually! Well, my CHILDREN are now riding those "antique" bikes, but they are getting an updated look! Believe it or not, these things are collector items and when in good shape, they are worth a LOT of money!! Anyway-- Aunt Sharon has decided to get her hands on a few Schwinn bikes and refurbish them... take them apart, clean them up, paint them, etc. The kids are SO excited about this project!!

Micaela was the 1st one to get one of these "personalized bikes". Aunt Sharon painted it white, purple, & black and they applied Justin Bieber stickers to it, and sealed them over. OMG-- Micaela is SO excited about her "Bieber bike". It's too funny to see her ride it... hands up high on the cars like she's riding a Chopper... lol!

Stay tuned as they "refurb" additional Schwinns. We have a bike for each of the girls and trying to find a boys' bike for Anthony... that's the challenge!

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