No better way to spend a Fall day! (10/10/2011)

Today, Sharon, Grammy, the kids, & I made our annual trip to Peddler's Village to see the scarecrow contest display! It was a beautiful day and we had a great time walking around there. (I love doing this with my kids-- as I used to do this with Grammy & Pop when my sisters & I were kids!).

After we left Peddler's Village, we headed up to Grammy & Pop's "old house" in Stockton... I have so many awesome memories of that house! The kids thought it was cool and asked tons of questions about it... as Grammy & I shared a few stories of stuff we did there at the house. As Edith & Archie say-- "Those were the days!"
After we left the house, we drove up the street to the Sandy Ridge cemetary, where I took the kids for a walk through the cemetary. I always loved doing this when we went to Grammy & Pop's as kids. As I did many moons ago, we visited Grammy's grandparents' grave, too!

Later that night, we headed to Belmar -- it was such a beautiful night! The kids played, I relaxed with my feet in the sand, and Sharon did a little surf fishing.

What a GREAT way to spend a Fall day! :)

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