Triplets' last day of PreK! (6/15/2011)

This is it... the last day of PreK for my babies... they are now Kindergarten-bound "officially"!

They have had a GREAT PreK year! They had 2 great teachers, met so many friends, did so many things, and have learned SO much! I'm so happy that they had this experience! :)

The other Room Mom and I put together a scrapbook for each of the teachers. They came out really cute! The kids were so proud that their own little creation appeared in each book and the teachers loved them! Seeing the kids excitement and the tears in the teachers' eyes & the smiles on their faces make things like this priceless!

Miss Sarah & Miss Theresa... thank you for everything this year! You are both awesome and my children have been so blessed to have you for their PreK experience! Many thanks...

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