Juliana lost her 1st tooth! (6/13/2011)

Juliana lost her 1st tooth today... with a little help from Mommy, who pulled it out! :) She is officially the 1st triplet to lose a tooth! I can't believe they are losing teeth already! I had to step back and have a reality check that HELLO-- they are 5.5 yrs. old now and these things will start happening! WOW!

Juliana was SO excited and Micaela was SO jealous. This was all Juliana talked about tonight & couldn't wait for the tooh fairy to come & she even started wiggling her other teeth and poor Micaela, cried about how it was unfair that she didn't lose a tooth yet! I told Micaela that when it's time, God will let her lose a tooth and she'sll have her own special day and the fairy will make a special trip for her, too. This didn't appease her too much, though. Oh the drama and worries of 5 year olds! :)

I think the Tooth Fairy better stock up on dollar bills because there a lot more teeth to be lost! :)

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