Anthony's 1st goal! (6/4 & 6/5/2011)

This was a GREAT & memorable soccer weekend for Anthony... he scored his 1st "game" goal... and a few more after that, too! On Saturday, he kicked in his 1st goal and on Sunday, he fired up the net again with a few more! We were all so proud of him and he was SO proud of himself.

Hi-fives from Coach Rick after making a goal! Coach Rick is awesome! :)

There was something awesome about this Sunday game... the erntire team was there (which is rare) and they boys were kicking them in one after another! Yay for Sunday make-up games! :)

Anthony-- Congrats on making your 1st "game" goal! Everyone is so proud of you. You have been doing an awesome job all season and are doing a great job! Keep kickin' butt out there! :) I love you!

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